Don't just do something, stand there!

We are all anxious to become more productive, see progress and take immediate and definite action.

While we are so busy moving forwards we must make sure we are not losing sight of the bigger picture. Are the actions we are taking consistent with our business objectives? Have the right people been consulted? Are we repeating past mistakes?

I like to get stuff done too, but I never take action on behalf of a client without first

  • analysing the reasons why,
  • the cost implications to my client, 
  • how it will resonate with the audience, 
  • what other initiatives are ongoing in other areas of the business 
  • and other aspects that will cost time, money and misery down the line.

Madison IFM’s services are about planning, strategy and analysis.
This ensures that the actions, outputs and deliverables are of the best value.

Service Directory

A selection of the items below combine to deliver each of the four business areas above.


  • Client consultancy
  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops and internal events

Project Management

  • Global project management and network facilitation
  • Change management communications strategy and delivery
  • Stakeholder mapping, management and maintenance

Social Media Strategy

  • Online systems exploitation communications
  • Social media competitive analysis (business to business)
  • Social media tools development and monitoring (business to business)
  • Social media research and implementation (internal/global)

Digital Tools Coaching for Collaboration

  • Virtual teamworking best practice and strategy
  • Online project management tools training and exploitation

Communications Leadership

  • Interim communications management and team management
  • Coaching for communication managers
  • Consulting skills coaching for individuals and teams
  • Crisis communications planning and prevention

Process and Organisational Development

  • Bids, proposals and tenders (pitch presentations and documents)
  • Marketing strategy and marketing plans
  • Knowledge management (systems/data management, communication and business process)

Implementation Services

  • Copywriting and editing (English language)
  • Print and merchandise buying
  • Media buying - Netherlands only


  • Guest speaking
  • Workshop development and delivery
  • Lecturing
  • Mentoring
  • Career coaching for communications professionals
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Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations.

- Jean Paul Richter -

It is difficult to imagine how any behavior in the presence of another person can avoid being a communication of one's own view of the nature of one's relationship with that person and how it can fail to influence that person.

- Paul Watzlawick -