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“Suzan Pecyna has been my lecturer for communication specialization and supervisor for my thesis while pursuing my master in international communication management (the Hague University 2008-2009).

Suzan always came to class well prepared to share her rich experience with us her students. She proved to be reliable and stayed around after class to support students who needed further assistance.

Furthermore her good rapport with students, passion for social media and trends in communication has enlightened a lot of her students including me.

Suzan’s ability to stimulate class discussion is remarkable and it is my pleasure in that regard to recommend her for possessing an outstanding personality.” September 28, 2009

Blessing Seidu, Student, Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk

The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Communications Specialisations Module)


“Suzan has been one of the finest lecturers that I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. To me she was great not just because she gave good lectures, but because she was the one person that inspired and challenged me the most throughout the MICM. She does not just spoon feed you information, but instead challenged us to discuss, analyze and collaborate amongst ourselves, which resulted in an even greater learning experience.

Most of what she has taught me, I have directly applied to my external ventures with lots of success. In a way she is responsible for much of what I know and understand about the "benefits" of social media tools today.

Suzan Pecyna, I salute you!” July 7, 2010

Arvid Yap, MICM

The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Foundation Internal Communications Module)


“Suzan has breathtaking communicative skills, based on her many years of experience and a very developed, multi-focus customer orientation ability. Talking to Suzan you involuntarily feel the shortcomings of your own communication strategy: Suzan convinces you by example. I could only wish that everywhere as a customer, I would be communicated to the way Suzan does it. For anyone looking for an excellent all-round communication and PR consultant in the Randstad area: make sure you take a serious look at hiring Suzan.” August 3, 2010

Maxim Gurvits, Regeldit

General Recommendation, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“One conversation with Suzan will be enough to show you that she knows her subject matter extremely well and what is clear immediately is that you get content from her and not fluff! I have been struck by the level of insight, knowledge and professionalism that Suzan has as well as her approachability, all delivered in a no-nonsense style. Though she works in a unique field she can translate her objectives and deliverables in to terms that are clear and understandable. I would recommend that you take the time to contact Suzan for yourself and have an initial chat.” April 6, 2007

Anne Parker, Owner, ExpatEase

General Recommendation, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Suzan is clearly a top professional in her field and this was verified by references and testimonials I took whilst seeking opportunities for her. Her value add and track record of leaving a lasting, positive, legacy can be backed up by the repeat business she receives. Highly recommend.” August 17, 2010

Reza Ansary, Senior Consultant, Practicus Ltd.

General Recommendation, London, UK


Suzan Pecyna worked with me from August 2010 until mid 2011 on the re-design and re-organisation of the new Global Corporate Internal Communication department for ING Bank.

Suzan is an energetic and driven communications professional. She works independently and is results focused. She is perceptive and has a very good knowledge of the practical, theoretical as well as emotional aspects of change management. She has a great empathy and understanding of the impact of change on people and organisations.

During my time working with her, Suzan demonstrated unwavering enthusiasm despite the challenges, complexities or changes in direction that occured. Always willing to go the extra mile, she was a highly committed advisor and colleague."

Leanne Carmody, Global Head of Internal Communications, ING Bank. January 2011

Global Internal Communications Management (ad interim), ING Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I worked closely with Suzan in a time of great uncertainty and huge organisational change and she was fundamental to the successful re-organisation of our global internal communications function. Suzan is a terrific colleague and a great team player, with a unique ability to empathise with team members during periods of tough change while also remaining focused on the end goal. She was truly the trusted advisor that people approached to help them adapt to the change and as a result we now have a well-integrated, strong team - thank you Suzan!” July 6, 2011

Lana North, Senior Internal Communications Manager (Global Banking Internal Communications), ING Bank

Global Internal Communications Management (ad interim), ING Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands


“Suzan Pecyna began working with me in 2006 as a training associate for Media in English. An excellent communicator, Suzan showed herself to be extremely bright, dedicated, enthusiastic, personable, dependable and willing to learn in her role of supporting our media and presentation trainings efforts. Additionally, I was impressed with Suzan’s professional skills, knowledge and insight in the area of crisis communications when working together for a multinational client. In addition to continuing her supporting role in our trainings, workshops and occasional crisis consulting, Suzan is leading our internal communications consulting activities. Clients seem to really appreciate her dedication, passion, deep knowledge and practical advice and direction in this important and dynamic area of communications.

Rudi Goldman

Founder & Managing Director, Media in English B.V.” April 13, 2010

Media in English – Associate Trainer


“Suzan is a detail-oriented consultant with a strong focus on getting the client the results they seek with as little issues as possible. I hired Suzan to help guide and structure the process of rebranding, organizational identity, issues management, public relations, and media training. On all fronts, she was an exceptionally personable, bright, and enthusiastic consultant and surely someone I would hire again. Amazingly committed, Suzan is the go-to person for marketing and communications insight for organizations of all shapes and sizes.” September 13, 2010

Michael Koenka

Nidera Handelscompanie, Rotterdam, Netherlands (a Media in English associate project)

"Madison IFM is a very professional and thorough communication company. Suzan Pecyna was engaged by Shell EP’s IT Architecture Improvement Programme in order to provide a communications strategy for a period of great change within the IT Architecture function.

She provided a strategy, coached us in storytelling, helped us to agree on key messages, developed our intranet pages, edited our key documents, created lots of excellent engagement tools, uncovered powerful case studies from the business front line and put good process around how we communicate with our stakeholder group. The changes we saw in ease of two way messaging were great.

We soon discovered that working with Suzan goes well beyond the simple client-consultant relationship which is typical in the industry. It is more of a partnership for change.

Your project becomes her challenge and its full accomplishment, her ultimate goal. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity ensured that a long lasting strategy and subsequent engagement tools were in place quickly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend her work to anyone."

Henrik Jacobsson, Manager, Shell EP IT Architecture

Shell International, The Hague, Netherlands

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