Institute of Public Relations (UK)

The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) is a professional body that brings the power of research-based intelligence to public relations. Unlike other industry groups, IPR is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.


Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce

Supporting UK businesses in the Netherlands and Dutch businesses in the UK.

An excellent network of good people.

Established in London since April 1891,

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce is a fully independent, bi-national members' organisation with members in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and British dependencies.

In 1970 the Anglo-Dutch Trade Council was incorporated into
The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce making it a truly bi-lateral chamber.


CAM Foundation

Principal is a fellow of the CAM Foundation – a few years ago they formed an alliance with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

A registered charity established in 1970, the Communication Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation Limited (CAM) provides one award:

CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications

The CAM Diploma is tailored to the integrated marketing communication needs of modern business.


Commercial Anglo Dutch Society                                          

The Commercial Anglo Dutch Society was established in 1972 and its purpose is to provide an informal meeting point for Dutch and British professionals.

Top Consultant Partner Circle

For Partners and Associate Partners of consulting firms. Partners' Circle -- by invitation only - has a wide range of contacts amongst experts and service providers who can empower Partners to accelerate the results being achieved by their consultancy Practices.


The Hague International Network

The Hague International Network (THIN), which has been organising meetings for a couple of years, is an initiative between the Chamber of Commerce and city hall’s international desk. Discussions on various topics and the chance to meet new people are The Hague International Network’s main goal. Learning about the various organizations that are based in The Hague helps spark people’s interest about the community that they live in, making THIN a great way to be active and learn about people and various topics.


Aberdeen University Alumni Association

The Alumni Relations Office is the central point of contact for Aberdeen graduates and alumni. It organises events and activities for alumni – one of their offerings is the Alumni Association. With its own publication, called The Review, and an Aberdeen-based annual programme of events, the Aberdeen University Alumnus Association is one of the longest surviving alumni associations in the UK. Originally established in 1939 to help publish the Aberdeen University Review, the Association helps to keep alumni informed about the University.

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