Recommendations - Full List

The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Communications Specialisations Module)

“As a student often you know exactly which buttons to push of the teachers to pass with an A. In the case of Suzan, there was no such button. She stimulated students into wanting to perform at their best. You just know that she sees through the nonsense and is critical in a fair manner. Her lessons are dynamic, stimulating and eye opening. Her view on presenting is refreshing. To conclude with one of her favourite questions: So what?

Well, thank you Suzan!” June 27, 2011

Susy van der Zwan, Student, Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk


It was a pleasure having you as my lecturer. I have learnt a lot from you especially in the area of networking and I value the extra mile you were willing to give even after school hours. You are and will remain a source of inspiration to me. Remain Blessed.

Florence Onwah, May 2009

Master of International Communication Management
The Hague University


“Suzan is an enthusiastic teacher with broad insight of communication.” October 2, 2009

S Kunto Adi Wibowo, Student, Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk


“Suzan was my lecturer at Master of International Communication Management, in the Hague University, the Netherlands. She was teaching communication specialisation. I always admire her dedication and hard-work. She is a very patient, yet energetic teacher. Every week, she would come up with new ideas, fresh topics and case studies for discussion in the class. Her insight about public speaking and presentation has helped me to move forward and receive remarkable result in my thesis defence. Thank you, Suzan.” October 1, 2009

Nathania Limanto, Student, Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk


I keep on being enthusiastic about writing and that comes from the fact that you make your self very clear and were so generous :)   July 2009

Tina Pederozolli, Master of International Communication Management
The Hague University


It has been pleasant having you as one of my lecturers

Gian Carlo Binti, June 2009
Master of International Communication Management
The Hague University


“Suzan is a great lecturer, with meticulous attention to detail and an enviable knowledge on internal communications” September 30, 2009

David Suswa, Communications & Marketing department, The Hague University


“Suzan Pecyna has been my lecturer for communication specialization and supervisor for my thesis while pursuing my master in international communication management (the Hague University 2008-2009).

Suzan always came to class well prepared to share her rich experience with us her students. She proved to be reliable and stayed around after class to support students who needed further assistance.

Furthermore her good rapport with students, passion for social media and trends in communication has enlightened a lot of her students including me.

Suzan’s ability to stimulate class discussion is remarkable and it is my pleasure in that regard to recommend her for possessing an outstanding personality.” September 28, 2009

Blessing Seidu, Student, Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk


The professional atmosphere is the class is a really strong point from the lecturer. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

I liked the fact that the lecturer was always ready to listen and to give feedback. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

Suzan is a good lecturer that delivers the class in a professional way to help us understand communications specialisms. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

Suzan engaged the whole class well. Everyone was made to participate which enabled everyone to benefit. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the students grasp the topics. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

She is the best lecturer I have ever had. Her commitment and support for students are unbelievable. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)


The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Advice Module, Thesis Coaching and Supervision)

“Suzan Pecyna was my lecturer for communication specialisation and my supervisor for my advice thesis; she is one of the best lecturers of MICM 2009-2010. Her ability to listen and provide answers is impeccable, an important quality any good communicator should have. Suzan's lectures were not just off the books, they had experience written all over it. Making it easy for Masters Students like me coming from different fields to understand and love the field of international communication management even more. Her level of experience and expertise and its application to lecturing gives students the ability to think beyond what the books say. Suzan's constant "so what" question always keeps everyone analysing even further before putting words into writing. In addition, it creates healthy debates in class and sometimes after class.

She is 70% responsible for my understanding and ability to tackle the situation of my client. I was the only one in my class handling communication issue with an "independent global network organisation" in four continents. The knowledge gained from her in the area of stakeholder relationship management something I will continue to apply in the corporate communication world. Oh not to forget, she has an amazing ability to clam one down in the middle of crisis or breakdown. This is me saying thank you.” August 27, 2010

Caroline Chukwura, Master of International Communication Management
The Hague University


The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Foundation Internal Communications)

She prepared us well enough before the class by giving us areas to look at. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

Suzan is good – very practical and very knowledgeable. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lessons and guidance.  I knew from day 1 of the foundation course that I would enjoy being taught by you and that I would have many insightful conversations with you.  I really do value all that you have shared with us and have applied much of what you taught in class.
Hopefully you learned something from us too!

Arvid Yap, 2009/2010 MICM


The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Communication Trends Module)

I have been meaning to drop you an email to say thank you very much for a lively, fun, insightful and practical class. I think you were probably the best person to take us for this module at a time when we were all getting stressed with all the assignments - you made it fun and light.

Boi Kgathi, 2009/2010 MICM


“Suzan has been one of the finest lecturers that I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. To me she was great not just because she gave good lectures, but because she was the one person that inspired and challenged me the most throughout the MICM. She does not just spoon feed you information, but instead challenged us to discuss, analyze and collaborate amongst ourselves, which resulted in an even greater learning experience.

Most of what she has taught me, I have directly applied to my external ventures with lots of success. In a way she is responsible for much of what I know and understand about the "benefits" of social media tools today.

Suzan Pecyna, I salute you!” July 7, 2010


Arvid Yap,

“Suzan is an outstanding professional with many talents. Her classes are a source of learning and inspiration. Her experience and know-how clearly show in the way she discusses hot topics in communication. It is a pleasure for everyone to attend her classes or just have an informal professional talk in the corridor. Suzan always manages to exceed expectations through her excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding expertise in communication and business practices. She knows how to deliver impressively unique and engaging communication learning experiences for every audience. She is personable, genuine and bright. I feel very privileged for having attended Suzan classes – I hope our career paths will cross somehow in the future!” April 26, 2011

Clara Cruz Niggebrugge, Master International Communication Management, Haagse Hogeschool


“Suzan Pecyna has been a lecturer in the Master in International Communication Management for several years now. I know her as a flexible lecturer who is able to connect theoretical knowledge to real world examples, who is dedicated to the continuous improvement of her courses and the learning process of her students. I would highly recommend Suzan for lectures, training and coaching on a broad range of topics in the field of communication.”

Chris Aalberts, Cursusleider, Haagse Hogeschool, June 11, 2011


The Hague University – Lecturer, Masters International Communication Management (Consulting Skills Training)

Excellent day – even with last minute substitution Suzan was well prepared. Shared expertise and provided excellent tips regarding thesis and real life situations we might encounter as consultants. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

The lecturer provided me with skills in relationship building with a client which I find very important for me to be a successful consultant. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

I’m glad we got two perspectives about consulting skills – bringing in Suzan made it richer. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

I like the way her giving example in real world and giving us the vibe of what it’s like being rejected by the client and how to handle it. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)

The lecturer gave the lectures in a very lively and practical way. – (anonymous evaluation response sheet comment)


Suzan Pecyna has been involved with the Master International Communication Management (MICM) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THU) for over a year, since spring 2009. Suzan teaches MICM modules and supervises students during their 'Advice report' (final thesis). She is an 'external' teacher; she is contracted for certain tasks while she maintains her own consulting business outside THU (in contrast to 'internal' teachers who teach full-time at THU).

MICM is in its 7th year at THU. The year-long programme, taught entirely in English, currently has 32 students, consisting of 18 nationalities with an average age of 28. MICM is part of the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses, a department within the Hague University (total student population 20,000). It is located in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Suzan's first involvement with MICM was teaching the 'Specialisations' module, a module covering various important communication themes and trends. As Suzan is an external teacher, she has one foot in the communications field and one foot in the classroom. In this light, her insights into the 'real communication working world' are an invaluable addition to students' learning experience; she is not only able to teach the necessary theories and frameworks but also add her real-world experiences/consulting anecdotes to link the theories to practice.

After teaching her first module, Suzan provided the MICM administration with thorough feedback and a revised, improved course outline. Before teaching the module the following academic year, Suzan spent time with me, as the MICM Course Manager, discussing possible improvement points. She has always shown that the students' learning is her main priority. She is willing to invest her time to ensure she understands what is expected of her ahead of time. One example of this diligence was her cooperation with other teachers in comparing grading practices to fully grasp the Dutch grading system. Further, Suzan is committed to having evaluation sessions with relevant parties after her tasks' completion.

In addition to classroom teaching, Suzan supervises students during their last phase of the programme in their 'Advice' module. Students are coached by supervisors over a three month period while they undertake research and act as external Communication consultants to a chosen organisation. Through the one-on-one coaching, Suzan excels in her ability to connect with the students. She is patient, caring, and always provides students with lengthy feedback – going beyond the standard requirements of teachers.

It is evident that Suzan is in her element within the communication field by witnessing her enthusiasm, conscientiousness and dedication. As a real people-person, she works well amongst her peers in the MICM teacher team. From my perspective as the Course Manager, Suzan has shown great flexibility in dealing with (sometimes unexpected) practical matters and receives above-average evaluation scores from students; it is a pleasure to work with her. I have no doubt she irradiates these same excellent qualities in all her professional endeavors.


M.A. O'Neill, MPA, MICM Course Manager, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

General Recommendations for Madison IFM

“We experienced Suzan as a very dedicated and loyal communications professional. She has an open personality and is very pleasant to work with.

Suzan is capable of helping the information flow reach its destination in the way that is most effective. During this process she is able to rally all the necessary support from within the organization. In the end it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the communications. From the concept phase to the implementation of the communication activities.

We were very pleased to have Suzan as our ambassador and we sincerely hope we will work together again in the near future.” March 31, 2011

Maurits De Koning, Profiler & Owner, Comformation People Profiles Projects


Provides a first class service for the discerning customer and is in my view of the highest calibre of person and integrity you could find.

Matthew Cohen, supplier, (Madison IFM’s lawyer)


“Based upon our experience, we were impressed by Suzan's communication skills and professional manners to mirror plans with each other. Furthermore Suzan is very friendly person to work with.” August 23, 2010

Mark Bouwhuizen


“Suzan is always one step further in the working process, which makes her on top of things and ahead of people. With her experience she really knows what she is doing. She is not innate but keeps an open mind to listen to others and develop new skills.

She is pleasant to work with even though she is to the point, she has that personal though friendly touch that makes work more fun.” August 13, 2010

Dymphna Elsink, owner director, Dymphna Business Assistance


“I know Susan through a professional business association and have always found her to be very knowledgeable and serious her approach to business. I would recommend Susan to clients and potential companies looking to hire her or her services.” August 4, 2010

Michael Bell, Managing Consultant, Global Recruiters


“Very helpful! Great Results, personable, and on time” August 3, 2010

Danny A. Davis


“Suzan has breathtaking communicative skills, based on her many years of experience and a very developed, multi-focus customer orientation ability. Talking to Suzan you involuntarily feel the shortcomings of your own communication strategy: Suzan convinces you by example. I could only wish that everywhere as a customer, I would be communicated to the way Suzan does it. For anyone looking for an excellent all-round communication and PR consultant in the Randstad area: make sure you take a serious look at hiring Suzan.” August 3, 2010

Maxim Gurvits, Regeldit


“Suzan has always been very professional and pragmatic in her dealings with us and I have found her to be a very honest, trustworthy and approachable person with a tremendous sense of humour” August 3, 2010

Colin Davidson, Shipping Manager, The Shore Porters Society


“I highly recommend Suzan. She is very energetic, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile, whilst inspiring and motivating others.

Suzan is always 10 steps ahead, looking at the whole picture and coming up with creative and practical ideas. It is a pleasure working with her.” April 13, 2010

Navah Hochstein, Owner, Tag-On


“Suzan is very motivated businesslike woman, who exactly know what she is doing in her field of working on communication. I had a very positive experience with Suzan in our discussions about our work. She inspires me. I can deeply recommend Suzan to firms to hire her.” November 20, 2009

Regina Zijp-Svestka, consultant / coach, BLW Advies


“Suzan is a rare individual who really knows her stuff as a communicator for leaders, actively promotes co-operation and has developed a successful independent consultancy business. Every time we meet, she gives me a new insight, contact, idea or perspective. It's just tough trying to return all those favours!” October 22, 2007

Lindsay Uittenbogaard, Business Consultant, Bogaard Arena


“One conversation with Suzan will be enough to show you that she knows her subject matter extremely well and what is clear immediately is that you get content from her and not fluff! I have been struck by the level of insight, knowledge and professionalism that Suzan has as well as her approachability, all delivered in a no-nonsense style. Though she works in a unique field she can translate her objectives and deliverables in to terms that are clear and understandable. I would recommend that you take the time to contact Suzan for yourself and have an initial chat.” April 6, 2007

Anne Parker, Owner, ExpatEase


“Suzan has been a very valuable source of information and has a unique way of looking at communication challenges. Though I have not officially worked with or for Suzan, I have had the pleasure of brainstorming and exchanging ideas on several occasions. Suzan is a highly dedicated professional who is constantly looking out for her clients’ best interests. In the past year, she has helped my company by providing valuable insights to my business and my marketplace.

I highly recommend Suzan based on her passion for her work, her personal values and her high principles.” March 26, 2007

Jim Bowes, Founder and CEO of GreenGraffiti


Suzan, it is always so lovely to look at you and see your heart burning for the Lord. Without you the Team would sometimes have functioned like a sieve. But you caught up everything that would have fallen through and you made us think. You were so good with the interviews. We love your accent because it made everything sound much more international!!

Kotie van Jaarsveld, Programme Manager, Trinity International Church, 25th anniversary events, September 2009


“Suzan is clearly a top professional in her field and this was verified by references and testimonials I took whilst seeking opportunities for her. Her value add and track record of leaving a lasting, positive, legacy can be backed up by the repeat business she receives. Highly recommend.” August 17, 2010

Reza Ansary, Senior Consultant, Practicus Ltd.


“Suzan is a strong personality who knows exactly what she wants. Very pragmatic and analytical. It is a pleasure to work with Suzan who sets high standards in doing business.” August 16, 2010

Ashok Bhattoe, Communication Manager, Drukkerij Stimuka BV (Printing industry)


Global Internal Communications Management (ad interim), ING Bank, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Suzan Pecyna worked with me from August 2010 until mid 2011 on the re-design and re-organisation of the new Global Corporate Internal Communication department for ING Bank.

Suzan is an energetic and driven communications professional. She works independently and is results focused. She is perceptive and has a very good knowledge of the practical, theoretical as well as emotional aspects of change management. She has a great empathy and understanding of the impact of change on people and organisations.

During my time working with her, Suzan demonstrated unwavering enthusiasm despite the challenges, complexities or changes in direction that occured. Always willing to go the extra mile, she was a highly committed advisor and colleague."

Leanne Carmody, Global Head of Internal Communications, ING Bank.
January 2011


“Susan is an expert in many areas of communications. One thing that particularly stood out was her willingness to sharing her immense expertise and knowledge. It was a pleasure to work in the same department and see how she could convert strategic planning into relevant content.” July 15, 2011

Bernadette Evenwel, External Communications Manager, ING Commercial Banking


“I worked closely with Suzan in a time of great uncertainty and huge organisational change and she was fundamental to the successful re-organisation of our global internal communications function. Suzan is a terrific colleague and a great team player, with a unique ability to empathise with team members during periods of tough change while also remaining focused on the end goal. She was truly the trusted advisor that people approached to help them adapt to the change and as a result we now have a well-integrated, strong team - thank you Suzan!” July 6, 2011

Lana North, Senior Internal Communications Manager (Global Banking Internal Communications), ING Bank


“Suzan is an excellent communications professional, who combines great business knowledge with an accomplished, proactive approach to her work. As a junior member of the banking internal communications team, I found myself turning to her often for her level-headedness and insight.

Suzan joined the department at a time of massive organizational change, and quickly became an important part of many transition initiatives. Her enthusiasm and experience meant that she also became a greatly valued and respected member of the team. A fun, warm person to work with, I would recommend Suzan for even the most challenging communications and media projects.” June 21, 2011

Jon Kirwan, Banking Internal Communications Officer, ING


“I worked indirectly with Susan in the Global Internal Communications team, and found her to be a highly competent, professional, warm and pleasant addition to the team. She would fit in well to any office space.” June 18, 2011

Ben Falkenmire, Senior Writer, ING


“I worked with Suzan for a short but turbulent period in which fundamental changes to the organisation had to be implemented. In these challenging circumstances, I got to know her as a very focused and result driven professional who used her experience to help the team find its course. At the same time, Suzan is a great person to work with, fun, empathic and a real team player. I enjoyed working with her a lot, and would highly recommend her to any multinational in need of strategic communication advice and support.” June 13, 2011

Bas Lepelaars, Senior Communication Manager, ING


“I worked with Suzan in the communication team at ING Commercial Banking, where she contributed and advised in the Global Internal Comms strategy of One Bank. Suzan is a reliable professional, very focused and inspiring. Her positive attitude and optimism make Suzan a joy to work with.” June 2, 2011

Inge Van Spall, Advisor Communications, ING Commercial Banking


“I worked with Suzan as part of the Global Internal Communications team at ING Bank. Suzan joined the interim One Bank IC team and quickly got into her role and became an important part of the team. She played a crucial role in the planning, development and implementation of the new global IC department, successfully bringing together a group of colleagues from various functions with different needs. Besides being a good organiser and a reliable and professional go-to person for any kind of questions, Suzan was also great fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor and always kept the team spirit high.” June 2, 2011

Emily Johnston, Communications Officer, ING Bank


“It is my pleasure to recommend Suzan for employment. I have known Suzan for a year during which time we worked at ING Bank together. I have been consistently impressed with Suzan's attitude and productivity during the time that she has worked in the office. Suzan is both very bright and quite motivated.. and always carries a can-do attitude. It has been great getting to know such an extraordinary professional and human being. I recommend her without reservations, and personally wish our professional paths cross again...” May 31, 2011

Antonela De Bernardo, AM International Network, ING Bank


“I really enjoyed working with Suzan. As well as being a great strategic advisor she is also down-to-earth, hands-on and practical in her approach. She was also a great sparring partner and fun to work with. We will certainly miss her!” March 31, 2011

Michelle Hill, Senior Communication Advisor, ING

Media in English - Associate Trainer

“Suzan Pecyna began working with me in 2006 as a training associate for Media in English. An excellent communicator, Suzan showed herself to be extremely bright, dedicated, enthusiastic, personable, dependable and willing to learn in her role of supporting our media and presentation trainings efforts. Additionally, I was impressed with Suzan’s professional skills, knowledge and insight in the area of crisis communications when working together for a multinational client. In addition to continuing her supporting role in our trainings, workshops and occasional crisis consulting, Suzan is leading our internal communications consulting activities. Clients seem to really appreciate her dedication, passion, deep knowledge and practical advice and direction in this important and dynamic area of communications.

Rudi Goldman

Founder & Managing Director, Media in English B.V.” April 13, 2010


“Working with Suzan as a fellow co-trainer for Media in English, I know that she is a highly competent communications specialist. Working with top level executives, she approaches her work with enthusiasm, passion and integrity. She is a true professional and it is a pleasure to work with her.” August 3, 2010

Lori DiVito, Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, HES

Nidera Handelscompanie, Rotterdam, Netherlands (a Media in English associate project)

“Suzan is a detail-oriented consultant with a strong focus on getting the client the results they seek with as little issues as possible. I hired Suzan to help guide and structure the process of rebranding, organizational identity, issues management, public relations, and media training. On all fronts, she was an exceptionally personable, bright, and enthusiastic consultant and surely someone I would hire again. Amazingly committed, Suzan is the go-to person for marketing and communications insight for organizations of all shapes and sizes.” September 13, 2010

Michael Koenka

The Fifth Business, Senior Consultant – Aberdeen, UK, London, UK and The Hague, Netherlands

“I worked with Suzan on various medium to long-term client projects. She is extremely capable, professional and a pleasure to work with. Given the opportunity I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.” February 1, 2011

Paul Allan, Creative Director, The Fifth Business


“I worked with Suzan in 2001, who managed and provided communication strategies to the Digital Business Communications Unit at BP on behalf of the Fifth Business. Suzan continually provided top communications and strategies to the BP team which I supported with multimedia design. Suzan has a great knowledge and understanding of the multimedia process which was a key element in her success at coming up with comms and strategies to BP and cemented a fantastic professional relationship between us. This all round knowledge gave her a better insight and helped her tackle solutions from many different angles. I found it very easy to work with Suzan who is very personable as well as professional and it is with this attitude she is always able to move forward with great success.

Suzan is very confident and will face any challenge with a fresh thought process and an energy that you can’t help but admire and become inspired from, and in turn this brings out your best efforts!” March 24, 2011

Stephen Grubb, Senior Multimedia designer, The Fifth Business

BP – European Desktop Transformation project for Fujitsu Services/BP, The Hague, Netherlands and London, UK

“Suzan and I worked together during the EDT project for Fujitsu Services/BP. She is a very enthusiastic, highly skilled and professional consultant. Suzan, as a person and a professional, is an absolute pleasure to work with.” May 24, 2007

Paula van de Griend, Owner, Lingua & Co Translation Services


“Suzan has shaped the structure around a business wide communication in the Dutch BP E&P organisation during a difficult transition from local to outsourced support. It has been a pleasure to work with Suzan!” May 6, 2007

Mark Jesse, Head of Operational IT, BP Nederland

BP – Advanced Collaborative Environments, London, UK

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suzan for her efforts, fun and enthusiasm in supporting ACE over the past 10 months. She has been key to the successful launch of the ACE programme. It was a real pleasure working with her..."

Tony Edwards, Programme Manager, BP

Shell International, The Hague, Netherlands and London, UK

"Madison IFM is a very professional and thorough communication company. Suzan Pecyna was engaged by Shell EP’s IT Architecture Improvement Programme in order to provide a communications strategy for a period of great change within the IT Architecture function.

She provided a strategy, coached us in storytelling, helped us to agree on key messages, developed our intranet pages, edited our key documents, created lots of excellent engagement tools, uncovered powerful case studies from the business front line and put good process around how we communicate with our stakeholder group. The changes we saw in ease of two way messaging were great.

We soon discovered that working with Suzan goes well beyond the simple client-consultant relationship which is typical in the industry. It is more of a partnership for change.

Your project becomes her challenge and its full accomplishment, her ultimate goal. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, dynamism and creativity ensured that a long lasting strategy and subsequent engagement tools were in place quickly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend her work to anyone."

Henrik Jacobsson, Manager, Shell EP IT Architecture


"You were a hearty voice of reality in an at times surreal world."

Hugh Massam, Shell, Australia


“With her knowledge and experience in communication & change management, Suzan will make you realize that communication involves a bit more than sending an email or posting a message up on a Web site. Especially in a technically oriented organization this is often forgotten. Suzan will help you build a comprehensive communication strategy to get the desired impact to make a change. I really enjoyed working with Suzan and the positive energy she brought to everything we undertook.”

Brigit Arbman - Shell EP IT Architecture function


"I wanted to thank you for the work you have done in getting OP on the IT for Shell agenda. I know it has been a struggle at times to keep Business at the Centre focus, but I know you have been a champion for it. Thank you on behalf of OP. Your energy and enthusiasm has never waned."

Yasmine Hilton, Head of Internal Comms for OP IT, Shell


"We would all like to thank Suzan for her hard work in the year she has been with us. Her efforts have been much appreciated by me since my arrival and I know others also value her guidance and professionalism."

Andrew Higgins, Communication Manager, IT for Shell


"Thanks for all you have done, and all you have tried to do (!) during your stay with us. I wish you the best of luck for continued success!"

Kristine Moore, Head of IT Procurement, Shell


“Suzan is energetic, personable, straightforward and competent. I recommend her to work with and know.” March 22, 2007

Lindsay Gill, Communications Manager, Learning, Shell International


IIR, Workshop on the Internal Brand, Dubai, October 2007

She was one of the few to give me practical handouts and showed us that she really wants us to benefit from the workshop and get equipped with the right tools and direction (Anon delegate)

Very helpful and informative and helped increase knowledge in my field (Anon delegate)

Overall the workshop was good (Mohammed Al Raei - delegate)

Very interesting topics (Mohammed Farooq A Darga - delegate)

Just what I needed (Serine Salhat - delegate)

IIR, Workshop on Reaping the Benefits of Digital Tools, Dubai, February 2008

I just want to thank you once again for your insightful workshop and really appreciate everything you’ve done. (Fahd Aljuraid - delegate)

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