Madison IFM to host workshops in Singapore and Bangkok this year

I’m very excited! I just got a phone call from an event manager I had worked with in Qatar, Joshini John – she wants me to host two two day workshops on the subject of Crisis Communications in Asia. These events are planned for November 2011 and will be another of many delivered by Madison in Dubai, Qatar and Geneva in the last couple of years.

I plan to include in it subjects such as social media strategy, the need to educate all staff (not just the elite response team) and the timing of communications. These are all issues that the management seem to be wrestling with at the moment.

The reason why these forthcoming ones are special, however, is due to my love of Singapore – I can’t wait to sit with a Sling and some bitterballen at Harry’s Bar on Boat Quay. I may even call my husband to say “hello” the way has done to me so many times from his business trips to the region!!!

12 july 2011

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